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Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the sheer number of details that need to be taken care of. Hiring a full-service wedding planner like Bradford Weddings & Events in Colorado can make a significant difference in the success and smooth running of your big day.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a full-service wedding planner is that they can help you save time and reduce stress. Planning a wedding requires a lot of time, and a wedding planner at Bradford Weddings & Events can take care of all the details that go into planning a wedding in Colorado, allowing you to focus on other important things like spending time with your loved ones.

Another benefit of working with a full-service wedding planner is that they have a wealth of experience and expertise that they can bring to the table. They can provide you with valuable advice on everything from choosing the right venue to selecting the perfect wedding gown.

Finally, a full-service wedding planner can help you stay within your budget. They can negotiate...

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Quinceaneras are a significant celebration in the Hispanic community, marking a young woman's 15th birthday and transition into adulthood. In Colorado, this celebration is no different, and there are plenty of ways to make the event unique and memorable. Bradford Weddings & Events understand this and loves to help make your daughters Quinceanera dream come true.

One way that Bradford Weddings & Events helps to make the celebration special is by choosing a unique venue. Colorado has many beautiful outdoor locations, such as parks, gardens, and ranches, that can provide a stunning backdrop for the event. Additionally, there are many indoor venues such as banquet halls, hotels, and event centers that offer a more traditional setting.

Food is also an important aspect of any celebration, and Colorado has a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. From traditional Mexican cuisine to modern fusion dishes, there are plenty of options to choose from. It's common to serve a large dinner, followed by a dessert buffet, and a traditional cake cutting ceremony.



As we look ahead to 2024, the wedding color trends in Colorado are expected to be a mix of classic and modern shades. In terms of classic colors, we can expect to see a lot of ivory, champagne, lilac and blush tones. These colors have always been popular choices for weddings, especially in Colorado where they complement the natural beauty of the state.

On the other hand, we can also expect to see some bolder and more modern color choices in 2024. Some of the colors that are expected to be popular include deep jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. These colors can add a pop of drama and sophistication to any wedding.

In addition, metallic tones like gold and silver are also expected to be popular choices. These colors can add a touch of glamour and elegance to any wedding design. When paired with neutral tones like ivory or blush, they can create a timeless and sophisticated look.

Overall, the wedding color trends for 2024 in Colorado are all about creating a balance between classic and modern colors. Whether you choose soft and romantic shades or...

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Getting married is something most everyone looks forward to. It’s often called “the big day” for good reason; it is a day that has been romanticized, planned for, and dreamt of the vast majority of Americans. We have cable channels dedicated to weddings and who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through weddings ideas on Pinterest? This is a day that you’ve thought about for a long time and you want it to be just right.

While you have most likely dreamt of the dress you are going to wear, the bouquet you’re going to throw, and the color tie your future husband will wear, you’ve probably also dreaded the final price tag. Weddings can be expensive. The nicer a venue is the more it is going to cost. The more people you invite, the more it is going to cost. The more food you provide, the most expensive.

That’s why it’s important to consider renting as many items as possible. You don’t want to spend any more than you have to. Plus, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need things like 100 candle holders again after your wedding. This is our ultimate guide to wedding rentals, with a focus...


Doing research when planning a wedding means also finding out what the newest wedding trends are going to be so your wedding will be right on-trend. We have all of the hottest 2023 wedding trends from cake designs to wedding decor to trending wedding dress styles and more to walk you through planning the most perfect wedding day.

Family & Friends are now officiating in beautiful outdoor weddings in Colorado!! Kyle and Denise had a dear family member officiate their wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. It was so beautiful because he knew the couple so well and was able to bring up funny stories and stories that made you tear up to make the ceremony absolutely beautiful.

Hiring a wedding planner that can help make your dream wedding a reality and save you money. Many couples in Colorado see how hiring a wedding planner is a must, especially with outdoor event and ceremonies being outside at one location and moving everyone to another location for the reception. Gavin and Cely did just this in Morrison, Colorado when they got married in the cute little white church and...


Are you ready to view the TOP 5 Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado? Ready to do less googling and more planning? Are thinking about a Northern Colorado wedding? If you answered yes to any and all of these, Northern Colorado is home to many beautiful wedding venues. As a Northern Colorado based wedding and event planner, I’ve made a list of my favorites, including a few BRAND NEW venues that just opened around 2021. This list will allow you to go straight to the venues I’ve carefully hand selected and more time to plan your dream vendor team for your day. Here is my top 5 favorite venues throughout North Colorado.

The Rockin S Ranch - This beautiful venue offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, great services, and a variety of spaces to accommodate your guests with a small town feel in Johnstown, Colorado. You'll celebrate in style in the open-sided 1950's dairy barn. An attached patio strung with bistro lights allows for dancing after the sun sets. With the picturesque views comes many props for photos including a vintage truck, a colorful rowboat at the edge of the...


The Maid/Matron of honor (MOH) is one of the most important people in the bride’s life from her engagement (maybe before if she helps plan the proposal) all the way through her grand reception exit.

Definition: A Maid/Matron of Honor is someone who is chosen to be the bride’s right hand person leading up to the wedding and on the big day!

She is in charge of planning some of the pivotal events before the wedding. On wedding day she is there to stand by the bride’s side if she needs anything!

Picking your maid/matron of honor and if you get to be one are both huge responsibilities! You want someone by your side that you trust, is responsible, and supports your marriage.If you are a maid/matron of honor make sure you have time in your schedule to perform all your maid/matron of honor duties because the bride is counting on you!

Here are some Maid/Matron of Honor Duties that you should keep in mind whether you are a maid/matron of honor or a bride:


As a maid/matron of honor you...

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Hey y’all!

It’s time for some bride tips! Here are the top 5 questions brides ask when looking for a wedding planner.

1. How much does it cost? This is probably the first question that comes to mind every time you fill out a contact form for a new vendor. Yes, budget is important. You don’t want to start your life out as newly weds paying off your wedding. You also don’t want to skimp on your wedding either.There is a happy medium here, don’t worry! Sit down with your groom and decide on the top things that mean the most to you. Is it the pictures that will last a lifetime? Do you want centerpieces bursting with flowers? Are you and your fiancé foodies? Maybe you really want steak and lobster for dinner and have no problem with smaller centerpieces and candles instead of huge bouquets of flowers. You may need to get a little creative- or browse Pinterest- but it can be done. Splurge on your absolute must haves and be a little thrifty on the rest.

2. How is it possible to step in on the day of and pull it all together?

The Day of Coordination Package...