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The Maid/Matron of honor (MOH) is one of the most important people in the bride’s life from her engagement (maybe before if she helps plan the proposal) all the way through her grand reception exit.

Definition: A Maid/Matron of Honor is someone who is chosen to be the bride’s right hand person leading up to the wedding and on the big day!

She is in charge of planning some of the pivotal events before the wedding. On wedding day she is there to stand by the bride’s side if she needs anything!

Picking your maid/matron of honor and if you get to be one are both huge responsibilities! You want someone by your side that you trust, is responsible, and supports your marriage.If you are a maid/matron of honor make sure you have time in your schedule to perform all your maid/matron of honor duties because the bride is counting on you!

Here are some Maid/Matron of Honor Duties that you should keep in mind whether you are a maid/matron of honor or a bride:


As a maid/matron of honor you...

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Hey y’all!

It’s time for some bride tips! Here are the top 5 questions brides ask when looking for a wedding planner.

1. How much does it cost? This is probably the first question that comes to mind every time you fill out a contact form for a new vendor. Yes, budget is important. You don’t want to start your life out as newly weds paying off your wedding. You also don’t want to skimp on your wedding either.There is a happy medium here, don’t worry! Sit down with your groom and decide on the top things that mean the most to you. Is it the pictures that will last a lifetime? Do you want centerpieces bursting with flowers? Are you and your fiancé foodies? Maybe you really want steak and lobster for dinner and have no problem with smaller centerpieces and candles instead of huge bouquets of flowers. You may need to get a little creative- or browse Pinterest- but it can be done. Splurge on your absolute must haves and be a little thrifty on the rest.

2. How is it possible to step in on the day of and pull it all together?

The Day of Coordination Package...